Is thermobalancing therapy, Fine Treatment and Dr Simon Allen genuine?  Fine Treatment is heavily advertised on the internet for treatments relating to the prostate, heart disease, kidney stones and others.  As far as I can tell the “treatment” involves using a specially designed belt for a year or more and according to video and written testimonials on site, the results are very effective.

My concern was initially triggered by the content of some of the headlines, which frankly, just seem too good to be true.  I decided to do a bit of research and found 229 results on Google for “Dr Simon Allen”.  Most of these went back to advertising such as that below. However I could not find one authority site, nor one biography. I did find a couple of their Youtube videos which had comments underneath such as  SCAM etc. However to be fair, many youtube videos get negative comments.

Most of the publicity seems to flood out via PRWeb where site owners pay for the distribution of their own “press releases”. However as far as I know, these releases are not verified for authenticity or accuracy by PRWeb.

Nor could I find any details on any hospitals or universities Dr Simon Allen  has been associated with, but perhaps that is just my poor research skills. Following a comment I had made earlier on this site, I received a response from a reader who had requested further information about Dr Simon Allen, thermobalancing therapy from  He received the following:

The treatment we offer is new and unique.

I should note that Dr Allen’s devices are sold with the approval of MHRA, the UK medical devices regulatory authority (similar to the FDA in the US). We have been registered with MHRA since April 27, 2010 as Class 1 Medical Devices.

The videos posted on our website were made by the Oxford Innovation Centre, an independent government-funded structure that supports new businesses. The cases presented in these videos are well documented with genuine papers from hospitals and surgeries.

21st Century Health TV has produced a short informative video about the benefits of the Thermobalancing therapy where you can see Dr. Simon Allen.

So it is up to you to decide what to choose.

Dr Allen’s Device for Prostate Care provides the only effective therapy for a prostate gland. Medications and supplements do not reach this area easily. Contrary to all other methods, including acupuncture, physiotherapy and prostate massage, the natural the device works all the time, while you are wearing it, and improves the condition of your prostate gradually, so you do not need any other medication and procedures and can avoid prostate surgery in the future.


Our correspondent noted that although he asked specifically about Dr Simon Allen there was no information provided whatsoever. He also asked about external trials or research, and again that was not addressed by Fine Treatment.

So what is there to be made of all this? Certainly the claims made in the advertising and even in the letter above are amazing.  I hope they are true. However I for one, still have real doubts on this one.  But as the man says, it is up to you!

Below you will find just some of the headlines out there, as well as a variety of youtube videos.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Feel and Stay Younger with New Thermobalancing Therapy …

Seattle Post Intelligencer

New Treatment Developed by Dr Simon Allen Can Bring Relieve to …

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

“Fine Treatment exclusively offers Dr Allen’s devices for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH, coronary heart disease and to dissolve kidney stones, …San Francisco Chronicle (press release)”

New Treatment Developed by Dr Simon Allen … – FOX Carolina 21

(author unknown)

New Prostate Therapy Is Safe for BPH as It Is Side Effects Free …

Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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